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Building Profitable Business Relationships


If you want to work on total profit strategy, one of the elements you have to implement in your business is building profitable business relationships. The idea of making profits in your business is to build relationships that will serve as a vehicle to closing the sales.

In business, you have to think about how to build profitable relationships. It implies that you give value. Building profitable business relationships means giving better value. One of the most important component inside your business process should be analysing your performance in terms of how much better value your customer will get after doing business with you.

You have to recognise that as your business gradually develops and becomes more and more competitive, the relationships that you build and develop with your customers are most probably your strongest key asset over the competitors. If you don’t have a greater value than your competitors, then don’t be competitive.

To build relationships with your customers you have to Continue reading “Building Profitable Business Relationships” »

Are You The Optimal Choice For Your Customer?

Total Profit Strategy System (TPS System)


From the desk of marketing consultant Velibor Delic


Does you company represents the best choice for your potential customer? Here is how you can check it out if it’s so.

What Is Your Value For A Customer?

Ask yourself this question – what is the value you provide to your customer? Is it the lowest price, the best quality, superb services, additional benefits, bonus. gifts… What is it?

If you want to increase the sales, you have to look at your business from the customers’ viewpoint. Why your customers buy from you? One very easy way to find out is to train your sales force to ask the new customer at the point of sale made: “Dear sir, would you mind and tell me why you have bought this item from our store and not from someone else? What would be the value you have got here that Continue reading “Are You The Optimal Choice For Your Customer?” »

Profit Strategy – Did Your Business Got You Trapped?

Total Profit Strategy System (TPS System)


This profit strategy will help you to grow your business. Most of the time business owners got trapped into their business. They enjoy being in the “start-up“ stage and are unwilling to go the next step. These some of the characteristics of business owner being in the start-up stage of his business:

  • involved in constant struggle of survival
  • doing whatever is necessary to be successful
  • operating under “do-it-yourself” mode
  • makes all the decisions himself
  • free to change his mind on any decision at any time
  • makes decisions “on-the-fly”
  • engaged in regular “putting-out-the-fires”
  • small enough to manage everything on a day to day basis
  • improvising as need be
  • knows all the actions and jobs to be done
  • makes changes in business as opportunities arise
  • doesn’t have developed business profit strategy
  • always act in a reactive way
  • unable to act proactively

The above list shows actions done in the start-up stage of the business. Most of the time it’s a doing business without a clear rules set in the place, with selling single product or service and managed by the owner who has all the control over all the business processes.

Thus, such a business operates under the individualistic, one-man-show entrepreneurship whose only aim and vision is survival. If you find your self fitting in some of the described symptoms you are at risk to Continue reading “Profit Strategy – Did Your Business Got You Trapped?” »

Unique Profit Strategy

Total Profit Strategy System (TPS System)

Differentiate or die. If your business is not different than your competitor’s you will be seen as commodity, not as an owner of the market place. That’s why your profit strategy should make your business stand out as different from your competitors and unique in capacity to serve the needs of your customers.

To achieve greater success in your business, your offer and your profit strategy should be unique and special. Your offer should be like none other; in your customer’s eyes your company should be seen as the one that gives superior value of your product or service.

Ask your self what is that you do or could do better than others and put it into action by presenting your unique and desirable offer. Work consistently on this profit strategy and customers will see you as distinguished from the others.

Most businesses that die failed to be different in their approach, offer and profit strategy from their competitors. They missed to impress into the brains and feelings of their customers that they have something unique and special which will benefit those who buy from them.

By using unique profit strategy you will be able to Continue reading “Unique Profit Strategy” »

How To Make Your Business Survive Grow And Thrive

Total Profit Strategy System (TPS System)

From the desk of Velibor Delic – creator of Total Profit Strategy System

If you are serious about your business you will make sure that your business survives in any financial climate. You would most probably want your business to grow and thrive, so that you can enjoy all the benefits and monetary rewards from it. Here are some profit strategy ideas on how you can do it.

First of all you need to understand that all successful businesses have a particular strategy system in place that brings them increased growth and profits. Your business needs a good working system too.

Even if you have no idea now how to put the system in place, if you start with something, you will advance with the time. This is called progressive positive path – when you focus your mind on something and one thing leads to the other.

By focusing your mind on the profit system set-up, you will be able to work on its implementation and will update it regularly, making it better and better every time. In designing the best working system for your business you may have a few points in mind: Continue reading “How To Make Your Business Survive Grow And Thrive” »

Grow Your Business And Work Less

Total Profit Strategy System (TPS System)

To most business owners the growth of their businesses brought only more work, more stress and less time for themselves.

Do you find yourself in the situation that because of your business you have no time to live your life as you desired to live? Is your business like a hungry animal that has to be fed all the time with your time and energy?

If this is the case than you are clearly situated in a phase of your business that requires shift of profit strategy and new approach to making money . Under such conditions, further growing of your business will only bring more stress, work overload, disappointment and self-doubt.

But how to grow more when you already have too much to do? Continue reading “Grow Your Business And Work Less” »

Quick Potential Analysis

Quick Potential Analysis

Does your business struggle?

Do you perform well, but want much more?

Is your profit strategy earning you enough money?

Are your ambitious met?

Why not find out what’s standing on your way?

By taking this analysis you can find out what it is that is hindering your business performance and robbing you of your profits.

This “Quick Potential Analysis“ if free. We offer it as a service to you and your business performance. You will find out about:

  • Your company’s profit-gathering potential,
  • What you can do better to increase your sales and profits
  • Marketing mistakes that cost you monthly and yearly thousands of dollars
  • Where are the “black holes“ of your business that suck out your money
  • Are you using all your potentials to get all possible profits out of your business
  • What are you doing good and should continue doing
  • What you are not doing and should start doing
  • What you do that is unhealthy for your business and should stop doing
  • Where is the area in your business that can immediately increase your sales
  • Which area is underperforming
  • What strategies you could apply for better results in sales and marketing
  • What is your best profit strategy
  • And much more…

How to order your freeQuick Potential Analysis“?

Send us e-mail and we will take it up from there.

Your TPS System Team

Quick Potential Analysis

Business Consulting

Total Profit Strategy System (TPS System)

If you run a company but you feel you are not even close to your ambitions, you need a strategic approach to your sales and marketing.

Here you can find out about proven-to-work ideas, tips, tools and tactics; highly specific ways to individually apply very best-performing sales and marketing concepts and techniques for YOUR EXACT business situation.

Total Profit Strategies System provides you with the powerfully useful strategic marketing tools you can turn to for any (and every) marketing challenge you face.

Whenever you need highly detailed, infallibly effective, result-certain step-by-step answers, solutions, strategies or tactical implementation plans — just turn to TPS System and you will find solution – GUARANTEED !!!

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