Are You The Optimal Choice For Your Customer?

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From the desk of marketing consultant Velibor Delic


Does you company represents the best choice for your potential customer? Here is how you can check it out if it’s so.

What Is Your Value For A Customer?

Ask yourself this question – what is the value you provide to your customer? Is it the lowest price, the best quality, superb services, additional benefits, bonus. gifts… What is it?

If you want to increase the sales, you have to look at your business from the customers’ viewpoint. Why your customers buy from you? One very easy way to find out is to train your sales force to ask the new customer at the point of sale made: “Dear sir, would you mind and tell me why you have bought this item from our store and not from someone else? What would be the value you have got here that have prevailed over other similar store like ours?”

Listen to the answer carefully or record it and review it. If you find that some major number of people say the same thing, that is the value which you provide to your customers and this value is better in your store than in other stores.

Once you find your winning edge, you should promote it in all your marketing efforts.

Then think how you can increase the desire for possessing that value.


Do You Represent The Solution To The Obvious Void In The Market?

It’s not enough that you sell something as most of the others do, it is of a crucial importance that you sell something that is better and improved. People want improved stuff. Look at the mobile phone industry. Every 4-6 months they have new versions of the popular mobile phones. The more they are improved, the more they sell.

What is the obvious void, something neglected by the others, that your product or service effectively fulfills? What unique feature, distinguished service or incredible deal you can offer? What guarantee you have that no other provides or offers? Have you find out that selling advantage and offered to your potential customer a big, unique and appealing promise that’s not being offered by your competitors?

Or you operate your business without carefully crafting a clear, strong, appealing and obvious void in your market. Having such solution is very fabric of your business’ daily existence.


Are You Specific?

Most of the ads today aren’t specific. They don’t address who exactly the company aims at. If you advertise and your ad is not specific and and is not clear who should call you, you can loose a lots of money. The weight of an ad may often be multiplied by making it specific.

Always state in your ad who is the end user of your product and what is the specific result he/she will get. Get to the point and don’t beat around the bush. Your headline is the most important part of your ad. You have only 2-3 seconds to attracr your prospect’s attention – if your headline doesn’t communicate the benefit he will enjoy, you have lost him.

You have only one glance to get yours potential customer’s interest, only a few second so impregnate his thought with your idea. If his mind accepts the idea, he will call or visit you. Remember, the mind is the master of the senses. Whatever mind wants, the senses will follow. The body is just an instrument to fulfill the minds demands. Convince his mind that you have something that will produce more enjoyment that any other your competitor and he will buy it from you.

So your first contact with your potential customer should “talk” to his mind, his desires. If I have just bought a new house and I am searching for furniture, the furniture company will get my attention if the ad says:

“To all new house owners – complete furniture program, plus our $2,000 special gift!”

Will read it? You bet I will.

Selling is like unlocking the lock. Your product or service has many benefits (keys), but one one key will unlock the lock faster than the others. One benefit or desired outcome of your product creates in the mind of your customer a dominant performance. Find it and you will unlock their desire to have what you sell.



When you identify value of your product or service and you know what void it fills, as well as who should specifically get it and what, you can go on and create the irresistible package that will inspire potential customer to buy it. The package can combine the benefits, guarantees, extra services, additional bonuses and gifts and so on.

Packaging is one of the most effective marketing tool for winning people to buy. It can increase the amount of new customers and revive the old and inactive customers. Without it your business looses money.

Packaging can take many forms and if done right, it can produce and build tremendous ongoing and renewable business.


Toward your best business growth,

Velibor Delic

(Marketing Consulting / Business growth / Advanced marketing and sales strategies)


Mr. Velibor Delic is the crator of the Total Profit Strategy System (TPS System) that unlocks all the profit potentials of a company. For more about TPS System, contact Velibor here

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