Profit Strategy – Did Your Business Got You Trapped?

Total Profit Strategy System (TPS System)


This profit strategy will help you to grow your business. Most of the time business owners got trapped into their business. They enjoy being in the “start-up“ stage and are unwilling to go the next step. These some of the characteristics of business owner being in the start-up stage of his business:

  • involved in constant struggle of survival
  • doing whatever is necessary to be successful
  • operating under “do-it-yourself” mode
  • makes all the decisions himself
  • free to change his mind on any decision at any time
  • makes decisions “on-the-fly”
  • engaged in regular “putting-out-the-fires”
  • small enough to manage everything on a day to day basis
  • improvising as need be
  • knows all the actions and jobs to be done
  • makes changes in business as opportunities arise
  • doesn’t have developed business profit strategy
  • always act in a reactive way
  • unable to act proactively

The above list shows actions done in the start-up stage of the business. Most of the time it’s a doing business without a clear rules set in the place, with selling single product or service and managed by the owner who has all the control over all the business processes.

Thus, such a business operates under the individualistic, one-man-show entrepreneurship whose only aim and vision is survival. If you find your self fitting in some of the described symptoms you are at risk to get trapped by your business and work for it as a submissive slave until you are willing to grow and move on the next stage.

Going From Start-Up To Building Solid Growth


When you realize that your business has not moved away from the start-up position, you should understand that nothing bad had happened. This is just a stage of your growth. However, if you do not move up the scale, your business will continue to struggle and eventually die. It happens to many businesses who don’t realize that they need to grow.

So what is the first step?

Here it is:

You Must Be Willing To Grow, Improve And Embrace A New Package Of Responsibilities And Roles Trough Effective Profit Strategy System That Will Allow Your Business To Grow And Thrive.

At times happens that although a company is ready to put start-up stage behind, the business owner is not. That situation results in slowing down the business, often destroying it at he end. It also forces the entrepreneur/business owner to work much more harder and earning less than hoped. Then they are trapped into business.


The #1 Reason Why Some Business Owners Get Trapped Is That They Are Slow To Change And Improve.

This is what successful companies do to climb up from the start-up stage to building solid level of growth:

  • they improve their leadership by introducing the power of delegating
  • they attract and hire smart people (more qualified than the owner himself)
  • they build effective teams
  • they empower teams to create greater organization than company owner could ever do alone (when you work alone, the company is big and powerful as much as you are, but great team can grow the power and profit of your company exponentially)
  • they change the course of action from reactive to proactive
  • they willingly give up some of the responsibilities and pass them to others
  • and so on


After starting building solid growth of your company, there are two more stages that your company needs to cross if you want to have business with fast, perpetual and enduring growth that makes you lots of money.

Such companies never fail or collapse; they utilize all their assets and potentials to create all possible profits – they use concepts of business building and profit strategies that guarantee them increased gains and  in any financial climate or situation.

Total Profit Strategy System (TPS System)

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